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Simplify the management and upkeep of your Estate, buildings and equipment with SOTERweb’s revolutionary asset management platform.


Automate planned and preventive maintenance or allocate work to your engineers or external contractors via our powerful scheduler. Allow selected contractors to manage your assets wherever they are, or access live building condition data at the touch of a button. 


Whatever your business needs, SOTERweb’s technology gives you the peace of mind your assets are been maintained in line with strict regulations, significantly reducing the administrative burden on both you and your engineers or contractors.

The SOTERweb FACILITIES MANAGEMENT solution provides the following:

Building information
Help desk

Asset register & PPM scheduler
Integrated live electronic building log book

Integrated live building condition report
Integrated live fire risk assessment 

Asbestos register

Data plantroom, duct and roof

survey data

Document management 


Get clued up on every aspect of your building, rooms, equipment and outside spaces with SOTERweb’s intuitive technology - all at the touch of a button. The platform offers a range of options to keep on top of your asset including email automation alerts and real time status reports that you can access wherever you are.



Supercharge your customer support using the SOTERweb FM help desk facility.  Increase efficiency and improve safety through the state of the art AI-powered knowledge management tool that acts as the central point of contact for building users to raise issues about their working environment.



See all your information in one convenient place with SOTERweb’s consolidated asset tracking software and automated PPM scheduler. Create a comprehensive register of all assets and equipment, set deadlines and notifications for testing requirements whilst reducing the risk of incidents and unexpected breakdown costs.Coordinate all health, safety and maintenance-related work across your sites, buildings and offices quickly and monitor progress using the scheduling tool.




Get a comprehensive overview of the equipment and systems that are being  managed in your buildings with our PPM Logbook. Tailored to your organisation’s individual needs, the platform offers an overview of the type of services or inspections necessary - and the team that is carrying it out.



Keep up to date about the condition and services of any building in your property portfolio, with SOTERweb. From the type of construction, to the name of the third party organisation tasked to undertake the service and maintenance, the platform provides a comprehensive overview. Ideal for building occupiers, estates representatives, caretakers, contractors, enforcement bodies and invaluable for audit purposes.



Protect your assets with SOTERweb's Fire Risk Assessment. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of fire risks and who they are managed by, ensuring that tasks are done efficiently, correctly and on time. SOTERweb will not let your business fall behind with regular updates to regulations, whilst providing live and historical data on maintenance and service records to keep your business safe. 


Let SOTERweb’s integrated and powerful platform help your organisation comply with Asbestos regulations. Increase efficiency, improve safety and reduce business risk by allowing staff and contractors direct access to online asbestos information and survey reports.  SOTERweb provides a complete package, holding asbestos related data, survey and re-inspection reports, easily accessible 24hrs a day.

Building & Assets In-Built Functionality

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  • Manage building, rooms, equipment and outside spaces

  • Intuitive asset register

  • Automated PPM Scheduler

  • Little used outlet flushing tool

  • Real time building PPM / fire log book

  • Live building condition data

  • Cost reporting

  • Contract management facility

  • Integrated with access IT


  • Integrate with compliant PPM asset maintenance

  • Building document library

  • Plantroom, service duct and flat roof surveys

  • Area type, occupation, leased & bookable/capacity

  • Live electronic logbooks

  • Live building condition data


  • Real time status reports

  • Dashboard exception reporting

  • Building and area data reports

  • Email automation alerts

  • Historical data retrieval facility

  • Statistical management information

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