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Our live digital logbooks offer a convenient solution for planning, monitoring, and reporting legislative data in real-time. No more lost paper logbooks or inconsistent data capture. Access your documents instantly from the SOTERweb dashboard, with customizable filters for streamlined access. Our logbooks are downloadable in various formats, such as MS Word and PDF, and easily shareable via email.

Digital Fire Safety Logbook

Comprehensive digital record of all fire safety systems and equipment, their location, condition, and maintenance history.

  • Fire Safety Evacuation Plan

  • Fire risk assessments

  • Fire wardens and marshalls

  • Training records

  • Complies with Building Safety Act 2021

Asbestos Register Image.png

Digital Asbestos Register Logbook

Displays information from asbestos surveys; listing locations, descriptions, size, condition, plans and photographs of all known/suspected asbestos materials.

  • In-depth details of non-asbestos materials

  • Areas not accessed during a survey

  • Other hazards present

  • Ideal for contractors, tradespeople & premises controllers

Digital PPM Logbook

Tool for managing building assets and implementing a preventive maintenance program, using real-time data. 

  • Service level agreements

  • Maintenance and inspection frequency

  • Specific requirements / standards to be met

  • Encompasses all scheduled tasks

  • Ideal for building occupants, contractors and auditors

Evacuation Plans Image.png
Building Particulars Image.png

Digital Building Condition Logbook

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