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Improve the security of your buildings and manage the movements of contractors and visitors at the touch of button with SOTERweb. The platform allows them to log their presence on and off site with ease, giving you up to date visitor information, wherever you are.


Our cloud-based contractor sign in facility removes the need for paper sign in sheets, allowing you to manage the movements of your contractors at a touch of a button. The platform improves the security of your buildings with real time information and alerts, improving efficiency and giving you peace of mind.


Visitor sign in could not be simpler with SOTERweb. Save time, money, increase efficiency and improve safety with up-to-date visitor information. Management of visitors is touch free, enabling safe access on and off site.

All of our solutions include the following functionality:

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  • Auto checks insurances and accreditations

  • Built in risk assessment declaration

  • Asbestos declaration for at risk buildings

  • Initiate permit to work

  • Update asset register

  • No contact or touch screens (COVID19) – smartphone compatible

  • Electronic contractors pass

  • Provide site rules / emergency arrangements

  • Log out without visiting reception

  • Key return remind when leaving site


  • Auto alert facility 

  • Real time view of contractors on site

  • Fire officers role call facility


  • Automated notification of contractors

  • Fire officers visitors list 

  • Dashboard information tiles

  • Historical information

  • Statistical Management Information

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