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SOTERweb recognises the importance of quality and consistency, which is why our platform is designed to ensure your business is set up to meet the highest standards every time. With auditing, inspections, verification and monitoring combined with accident and incident reporting just a couple of clicks away, using SOTERweb helps ensure the strictest requirements are met, whatever the industry.

The SOTERweb QUALITY MANAGEMENT solution provides the following:

Organisation information

Automated online inductions

Automated online training

Organisation contact data

Certification monitoring

Mass communication tool

Document management

Permit to work

Companies information

Incident and accident reporting



SOTERweb provides a world class audit, inspection and verification tool to ensure your statutory or internal standards are in place, increasing quality and safety. Tailored to your organisation’s needs and requirements, the software allows you to annotate notes, add supporting photos or document and assign follow up corrective actions.




Efficiently manage, track, store and report incidents, complaints and compliance issue with SOTERweb. Fully configurable to meet your particular needs, the platform will automatically notify people and departments when an issue has been raised and resolved.

All of our solutions include the following functionality:

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  • Email automation system

  • Mass email communication to your organisation & contacts


  • Management information

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Statistical log and graphing

  • Display screen views

  • PDF and printable reports

  • Downloadable & export data


  • Management information

  • Dashboard Microsoft SQL server

  • Azure active directory single source login

  • Windows Server OS 2016 (or above)
    SSD Hard Drive (raid 1)  250gb

  • Virus protection 

  • Windows Fire Wall 

  • Microsoft Office 365 email account compatible

  • Highly configurable system profiles and parameters

  • Reporting

  • Statistical log and graphing

  • Display screen views

  • PDF and printable reports

  • Downloadable & export data

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