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Workplace management brings your organisation’s information together in one central database, creating a bespoke interface and alleviating the stress of tedious tasks. 


The flexible software adapts to your space, and in turn allows your business to become coordinated, and hassle free.



SOTERweb’s integrated workplace management tool provides you with complete flexibility to assign and manage system permissions. You can access the latest versions of your key processes and documents with our innovative document library or efficiently manage all your internal training needs or internal contacts on one platform.

Our mass email communication facility means that getting your key messages across has never been easier.


Provide new staff with a quick and easy induction process with our automated online induction facility. SOTERweb helps your new employees be productive on day one, whilst providing you with an audit trail that safety critical information has been passed and understood.


Simplify your training processes with SOTERweb’s state-of-the-art automated online training facility. Our bespoke interface allows you to set up automated email reminders, customise training masterclasses and upload training videos, saving you time and money whilst increasing efficiency.

All of our solutions include the following functionality:

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  • Email automation system

  • Mass email communication to your organisation & contacts


  • Management information

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Statistical log and graphing

  • Display screen views

  • PDF and printable reports

  • Downloadable & export data


  • Management information

  • Dashboard Microsoft SQL server

  • Azure Active Directory Single Source Login

  • Windows Server OS 2016 (or above)
    SSD Hard Drive (raid 1)  250gb

  • Virus protection 

  • Windows Fire Wall 

  • Microsoft Office 365 email account compatible

  • Highly configurable system profiles and parameters

  • Reporting

  • Statistical log and graphing

  • Display screen views

  • PDF and printable reports

  • Downloadable & export data

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