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But what is a IWMS?...

Updated: Apr 19

Software is the overarching term used to described digital platforms that is typically used to help your business. A IWMS system falls into that category, a type of software.






The term used to describe technology designed to help users manage the various assets, tools and processes that affect business continuity.

The above definition implies that a IWMS should be something that every scalable business should employ, a no brainer. But yet, the term, as per the point of producing this blog post, connotes that not many businesses are aware of IWMS systems. Too often IWMS systems tend to be seen as software packages for large multi-portfolio organisations, with the price tag to reflect this, but this doesn't have to be the case. Soterweb is adaptable to the size of your business and is why many SMEs implement our platform.

IWMS systems are essential in the planning, execution and monitoring of all activities - from reactive and planned preventative maintenance, to space and move management, to operational facility services and room reservations, the uses of IWMS are nearly endless. Managing your assets, in whatever form they take, via the touch of a few buttons will allow your business to operate efficiently, safely and hopefully, profitably.

Soterweb is at the forefront of IWMS technology, specifically with its state-of-the-art interface allowing for a unique but user-friendly interaction with the software. Suitable for healthcare, education, manufacturing, construction or emergency services, not only are we extremely affordable, but our unique modules are essential in managing and tracking compliance:

  • DSE Assessments

  • Incident/Accident Reporting

  • Vehicle Fleet Log Books

  • Building Fire Logbooks

  • Water Hygiene/Legionella Management

  • Contractor Booking in and out

  • Permits to Work Management

  • Inductions for staff and contractor

  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement Management

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance

Other unique features:

  • Extremely competitively priced - with the added benefit of unlimited licences

  • All modules are bespoke to each Client’s requirements

  • All modules have been designed and built by soterweb’s in-house Health & Safety and Facilities Management professionals

  • On-going client support provided by our in-house Health & Safety and Facilities Management professionals.

If you would like to hear more, please do not hesitate to get in touch...

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