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Contractor Management with soterweb

Updated: Apr 19

Contractor Management has never been easier than with soterweb. Effortlessly control, update and monitor your assets with our bespoke module, tailored to your every need.

  • Contractor Logging In & Out

  • Reception Visitor Management

  • Visitor Logging In & Out

  • Automated Update of Asset Register

  • Smart Induction Monitoring

  • Insurance and Certification Monitoring

Unlike many other IWMS systems, soterweb features Contractor Management as a core

function of the software. Having worked in the industry, our developers created the Contractor Management module out of real-life industry experiences. Our module has helped firms drastically increase asset management efficiency and accountability by streamlining communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimises costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits. The level of detail and the amount of planning that has gone into creating our platform means that no stone is left unturned and your assets are in good hands.

Your reputation has never been so important and with contractors and clients becoming more and more demanding, make sure you meet those demands. List your accreditations and documents on soterweb and demonstrate your competency. The Contractor Management function has been at the forefront of the development process alongside the IWMS functionalities, a combination that we believe sets us apart.

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