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Establishing your own hybrid working environment with soterweb

Since the start of the pandemic, the seemingly constant back and forth between workplace and home working has been exhausting for some businesses. The struggle to implement software to help transition into the hybrid working model has been challenging for many, with many comparative platforms lacking the efficiency and detail required for your business to operate efficiently and effectively.

Soterweb can help make the transition to hybrid working achievable and seamless, even with added tangible benefits. Firstly, soterweb can play a huge role in increasing employee engagement; our platform allows employees to work from home with ease and therefore enhances their ability to strike a good work/life balance.

Soterweb is essential for any workforce to increase productivity by implementing smarter working practices - employees use less paper, spend less time filing and looking for documents, and our platform significantly reduces administration time as well as minimising risk as ultimately Soterweb can spot any human error and ensure it is prevented.

Soterweb uses real time data from anywhere on any device; significantly improving communication and the monitoring of data, allowing for greater efficiency. Not only that, the unique and user-friendly interface featuring bespoke dashboards for your organisation makes data transfer and understanding much more manageable, even to those who are new to it.

Employee retention figures are higher when soterweb has been incorporated into the everyday practices of hybrid working. Staff are operating where there is decreased risk of staff burnout through smarter working practices and reduced travel from the implementation of real-time online contractor monitoring and management. Allowing management to make better decisions from clearer and more accurate insights from real-time data.

Soterweb allows for smarter space management, a recognition of what is needed and what isn't which saves money and is better for the environment reducing the organisations carbon emissions. The platform also greatly improves staff wellbeing when in the office.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that soterweb makes hybrid working manageable. The ability to work remotely is at the core of hybrid working and soterweb allows that and more.

Soterweb incorporates a real-time permit-to-work system, includes online staff and contractor inductions and real-time staff sign in/out of locations, meaning every base is covered – keeping everyone safe and accounted for.

The pandemic has changed the way we do many things, some here to stay and some hopefully not, but one thing is for certain hybrid working is the new way of working. It is key that workforces continue to embrace it and make it work for everyone…

If you would like to see how soterweb can help you and your organisation, get in touch with our friendly experts today >

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