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SOTERweb pen testing success...

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

What is pen testing?

Pen testing is short for Penetration testing and is designed to replicate a real world attack on a network, application, or system that identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Why do it?

Penetration tests are recognised industry wide as an attempt to highlight and remove the vulnerabilities that may be associated with a software platform. They actively attempt to ‘exploit’ vulnerabilities and exposures in a company’s infrastructure, applications, people and processes. This form of testing allows Soterweb to create an in-depth database focussing on the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likelihood of a breach in an information asset.

What are the benefits?

Protects clients, partners and third parties – building our clients trust is essential because our reputation is of vital importance to us. To do this, we will do whatever it takes to highlight how important cyber security is to Soterweb and we believe pen testing is important part of that.

Manage your risk – A penetration test identifies vulnerabilities before they take place in the external environment. Allowing your firm to safely store and utilise data on our platform.

Allows you to understand the environment –A penetration test allows you to understand what is going on in the environment around you, and it helps you to understand the types of cyber attacks that your organisation may face.

Identifies weaknesses you didn’t know were there – Identification of backdoor weakness that even the most advanced software doesn't recognise.

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